John Amatt

John Amatt is one of Canada’s most accomplished adventurers and keynote speakers. His presentations are focused on strategies for change management, teamwork, leadership, overcoming adversity and resilience. John knows about tough times and the value of struggle in bringing out the best in teams of people! After all, he was a leader of an Everest Team, which suffered four tragic deaths in two unpredictable accidents before putting six climbers on top of the world. His experience on Everest taught him about the danger of falling into the trap of complacency and the importance of always questioning the status quo in seeking new ways of succeeding in a rapidly changing world.


Wynny Sillito 

Wynny is a health and safety specialist with 10+ years’ experience in construction, oil & gas, and emergency response. She works to inspire people to believe in the importance of workplace health and safety programs through sharing her personal experiences with workplace safety, or lack thereof. Throughout her career, she has been involved closely with a number of serious workplace incidents, but none has influenced her career more than her own personal experience with workplace tragedy.

Tyler Duggan

Tyler has worked for GardaWorld since 2001, and has also worked in Oilfield Drilling Operations, private building security, and three years as an Alberta Sheriff. His 20 years of experience in loss prevention, law enforcement, and contract security has given him the knowledge required to be an effective Western Canadian Regional Manager. The main functions of his role are to mentor and guide account managers, assist in quality management system and best practices in security program implementation throughout the Prairie region.

Paul Semeniuk

Co-founder of the Mental Rescue Society in 2016, a non profit organization building mental health awareness.  Paul is a City of Edmonton Firefighter and the Director of Operations for True Link Safety, a company offering an expanding range of health and safety services, including delivery of Mental Health First Aid training certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. 


Constable Terry Cote

A constable with the Calgary Police Service for 5 years, Constable Cote has worked primarily as a patrol officer with a background in security check points including substance and object identification and emergency response protocols.


Constable Ryan Hogan

A constable with the Calgary Police Service for 6 years, Constable Hogan, has worked in several work areas including; Patrol, IT Project Management and Electronic Surveillance.


Les Gramantik

Les spent 20 Years in Law Enforcement with the Calgary Police Service. Areas that he worked in included Patrol, Fire Arms Training Unit and Officer Safety, Violent Crime Suppression Team, Tactical Unit. From 2000 on Les has personally been on teams Protected Prime Ministers, Royals, Dignitaries, Politicians and Witness. On Aug 2016 he moved into the private sector where for 18 months he did executive protection for an ultra-high net value individual and his family. He is now a private contractor doing Security Consulting and Teaching, Risk Mitigation and Executive Protection.

Darcy Brown 

Currently an Occupational Health and Safety Officer with the Government of Alberta based out of Red Deer. His work experience includes ten years’ service within the Alberta Public Service, another ten years in the private sector managing HSE programs throughout Western Canada & the United States as well as 3 years within the RCMP. He holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and his CRSP designation.


Bob Stenhouse 

Bob Stenhouse enjoyed a successful career in the RCMP with a specialization in organized crime, biker gangs and homicide undercover work. After retiring and working and working as a corporate investigations consultant, Bob has developed a passion for promoting psychological safety in the workplace and with that  harassment, bullying and human rights investigations became Bob’s area of expertise.