Program Questions

What is PIR?

Partnerships in Injury Reduction

PIR is a voluntary program that operates through the combined efforts of the Workers’ Compensation Board - Alberta, Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training & Labour, industry partners, safety associations, employers and labour groups. This "Partnerships" initiative is based on the concept that when employers and workers build effective health and safety systems, the human and financial costs of workplace injuries and illnesses can be reduced. A registration form for PIR is available on the WCB website.

Who is the "Certifying Partner" for hotels and restaurants?

The Alberta Hospitality Safety Association is the recognized Certifying Partner for the hospitality industry. All hotels and motels (WCB industry code 87503) are members of the association, through a levy collected by WCB. Other hospitality industry employers may pay a membership fee to the AHSA.  Associate membership makes these employers eligible for member pricing for training and other services.

What is a COR?

Certificate of Recognition

COR is issued to employers who have successfully implemented a workplace health and safety management system and met the AHSA/JSTL Partnership audit standards. A COR is valid for a 3-year period as long as all maintenance requirements are met. Achieving COR qualifies a property for WCB industry rate discounts and premium refunds.

How can I find out if our property has achieved COR?

Click here to see a list of AHSA members that currently hold a COR.   

How do I become a certified Health & Safety Peer Auditor?

Register for the following programs through the AHSA (online or by contacting the AHSA office)

  • Health & Safety Program Building (2-day seminar: $325.00 member rate or $650.00 non-member rate; or online: $225.00 member rate or $450.00 non-member rate)
  • Beyond the Basics (1-day seminar: $155.25 member rate or $270.25 non-member rate; or online: $85.00 member rate or $170.00 non-member rate)
  • Peer Auditor Training (3-day seminar: $455.00 member rate or $910.00 non-member rate)
  • Successfully complete all courses and a qualification/test audit.
  • Certification is valid for 3 years as long as you maintain your status by completing audits 2 out of 3 years.
  • Auditors must attend the Auditor Refresher course every 3 years, although it is recommended yearly.
  • Peer Auditor Training 1 day seminar ($155.00 member rate or $300.00 non-member rate)

What skills are required to be a Health & Safety Peer Auditor?

You should have an interest in health and safety, and experience with the type of workplace you’ll be assessing. You must be able to read and understand audit questions and supporting documentation to verify the property’s health and safety processes. You must be able to effectively and comfortably conduct interviews and remain objective when touring and assessing the workplace. You must be able to compile data, calculate scores and type a report. Good communication skills are critical.

What forms are used for the health and safety audit?

During the Peer Auditor Training, participants receive training manuals and access to the "Members Only" section of the AHSA website. The forms required are downloadable through this section of the AHSA website. (Usernames and passwords are issued to all auditors following the Peer Auditor training.) All documents must be returned typed.

As a certified Peer Auditor, whom do I audit?

AHSA-certified Peer Auditors are eligible to audit their own property for "Internal - Maintenance Audits," and will be assigned to audit another property every 3rd year for the external audit.The hotel industry supports the "Peer Auditor" system whereby properties exchange auditors for External Audits rather than hiring a consultant auditor.

Where can I get assistance finding a document required by my property to meet audit standards?

The AHSA has a compilation of different documents (submitted by participating properties) that can be used as templates for your property. Check the list available on the AHSA website. Any of the forms, charts and tables in the AHSA manuals are also available electronically.

How much money was refunded to AHSA COR-holders by the WCB refund in 2014?

The total WCB refund for the sixty COR-holding AHSA members in 2014 totaled $979,251.

What is WHMIS?

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

WHMIS is Canada’s hazard communication standard. The key elements of the system are cautionary labeling of controlled products, provision of material safety data sheets and worker education programs.

What are MSDS?

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS provide information regarding the safe storage, handling and use of controlled products in the workplace. MSDS provide detailed information about the product, including the product’s properties, its hazards and how to prevent over exposure. There are 9 required categories that must be included on MSDS:

  • Product identification and use
  • Hazardous ingredients
  • Physical data
  • Fire and explosion data
  • Reactivity data
  • Toxicological properties
  • Preventative measures
  • First aid measures
  • Preparation data of MSDS

Web Based Delivery

When writing the exam, can a participant review their answers and make changes to their selections?

Yes, as long as they haven’t already exited the program.

Can a participant get a replacement password if previous password was forgotten?

You may request a password reset to be sent to your email address here.

Is there a time limit in which the participant must complete the whole program before the password expires?

Yes; 30 days. Access can be extended by contacting the AHSA.

Is there a time limit on the exams?

Yes; 30 minutes.

Is there specific computer software systems and browser required to run the program on-line?

System Requirements

- Windows XP and newer, MAC OS X
- Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+, Chrome or Safari 3+
- Macromedia Flash Player 9+, free download available
- Adobe Acrobat Viewer, free download available
- Sound Card and Speakers
High Speed Internet is highly recommended