The Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Program provides an opportunity for small properties to measure their health and safety management system against a provincial standard, and if successful, achieve a Certificate of Recognition (COR) and WCB rebates of 5% to 20%.  A “Small Employer” is defined as an employer that has no more than 10 employees at any given time.  The owner(s) and any person covered by the employer’s WCB account must be included in this number.  Material suppliers, inspectors, equipment rental deliverers, etc. who supply a service to the small employer are not included in the definition of a Small Employer.

The program is specifically designed to meet the application and training needs of small employers, while considering their resource limitations.  The basic steps in the process of becoming a SECOR employer are as follow:

1. The owner, most senior operational person or key employee familiar with the overall operation must complete the required AHSA SECOR training:

2. The property builds the required elements of a health & safety management system.

3. Once the system has been in place for at least a year, conduct a self-assessment using the AHSA’s SECOR Audit tool, and submit it to the AHSA for review.  The self-assessment must be completed by an individual who has completed the required training listed above.  The employer and/or assessor must sign off on the submitted report, and the assessor must submit a signed SECOR Code of Ethics document as part of the submission.

4. The AHSA will review and score the submitted self-assessment. Should the submission achieve a minimum score of 80% overall, and at least 50% on each element, a SECOR will be issued.  The SECOR will be valid for 3 years, as long as annual maintenance is conducted.

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