COR Maintenance Options


Employers typically conduct an Internal Audit in years 2 and 3 of their COR-certification to maintain COR status and eligibility for a WCB rebate.  These audits can be completed by employees internal to the operation, as long as these employees are trained and certified by the AHSA to conduct the audits.  Maintenance audits provide employers with an ongoing review of their OHS management system, and help identify system deficiencies that may otherwise go unnoticed until an incident occurs in the workplace.

Long-time COR-holders in good standing who are confident that their OHS system is being maintained effectively, may also be eligible to use one of five different maintenance options instead of an internal maintenance audit.  Maintenance options endorsed by the AHSA include:

  • Action Plans - eligible employers may be granted approval to use an action plan process in lieu of conducting a maintenance audit to maintain a valid COR.
  • Safety Surveys - allow eligible employers to use an approved safety survey and action planning process to meet their maintenance requirements over two consecutive maintenance years.
  • National or International Standard Equivalency - employers may be eligible to use nationally/internationally recognized occupational health and safety audits recognized by Partnerships to maintain their COR.
  • Health & Safety Perception Surveys - an OHS perception survey that meets Partnerships Standards for content and process may be used by eligible employers to maintain their COR status in maintenance years.
  • Corporate Audits - where large organizations may have developed their own corporate health and safety audit documents, COR-holders may be eligible to use their corporate H&S Audit for COR maintenance.  Corporate audits must be pre-approved by the CP and Partnerships to a specified standard.

Applications for use of a maintenance option must be received before March 31 of the calendar year, and approvals are subject to specific eligibility requirements.  For more information on the use of a COR maintenance option, contact us at