Safety Snap Shots for January 2018

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The AHSA is pleased to welcome Michelle Plaizier as your Associations new Executive Director!

Michelle comes to us after having worked with the Safety Codes Council of Alberta as Administrator of Accreditation. Her knowledge of the industry and passion for Health and Safety education are strong assets for our Industry and we look forward to the skill and passion that she will bring.

Please join me in welcoming Michelle to the AHSA.


Perry Wilford

Board Chair

Alberta Hospitality Safety Association.



 WCB Deadline Approaches!

If you’re an employer with workers, you’re required to fill out an Annual Return reporting your workers’ insurable earnings paid in the last year along with the earnings you expect to pay in the upcoming year.  The deadline to file your WCB-Alberta Annual Return is Feb. 28, 2018!  


Filing the return out online is quick and easy, and built-in calculations, error checking, and simple navigation makes the process easier than ever. All you need is the account number and password, which will be mailed out to you the beginning of January.  You can view a demo on how to fill out your Annual Return by going to  Still have questions? Contact the WCB toll free at 1-866-922-9221, 780-498-3999 in Edmonton or 403-517-6000 in Calgary.


 New Auditor Training prerequisites for 2018

COR-holders will see changes to Auditor Training prerequisites in 2018.  Auditor candidates must complete 3 half-day classroom seminars, 6 short online training sessions, and an online H&S Program Building exam before taking the 3-day Auditor Training course.  These changes are designed to better prepare auditor candidates for the task of conducting an effective health and safety audit.   

Certified Auditors seeking re-certification by the AHSA must complete the classroom seminar on Hazard Identification & Assessment, an online Site-Specific Hazard Assessment session, and an Auditor Refresher covering the new audit tool before January 1, 2019.  For those who would like a more thorough review of the new audit tool and changes to audit processes, completing the 3-day Auditor Training instead of the 1-day refresher is highly recommended.




 New 2018 Training

The schedule is posted on the website and is now open for registrations. Hosting opportunities are available for training seminars. If your property is interested in hosting please contact Erica at .




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