Safety Snap Shots for March 2018

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Nominations are in and we have 6 interested individuals from Member properties that are interested in becoming one of the 2018/19 Board of Directors for AHSA.


Email notification will be sent to the General Manager representing each member property to vote starting on March 05, 2018 @ noon.


  • Each email represents one ballot. If you received more than one email, it is because you are in our database as the General Manager for more than one member property; therefore you would have one vote for each property that you manage.
  • All of the instructions on how to vote will be included in the email you receive. 
  • The online polling will be open from March 05, 2018 @ noon until March 11, 2018 @ 4:00PM.

The winners will be notified via email and formally announced during the AHLA Convention on April 15, 2018 at the AHSA AGM in Jasper, Alberta






By now you should be aware that changes have been made to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These changes impact all industries across Alberta including the Hospitality industry.
Based on the premise to improve worker rights in Alberta, Bill 30; An Act to Protect the Health and Well Being of Working Albertans, addresses the following rights and now places Alberta’s OH&S legislation in line with other provinces; 


The right to refuse unsafe work protects workers from any form of reprisal for exercising this right, including loss of compensation or benefits.

The right to know ensures workers are informed about potential hazards and have access to basic health and safety information in the workplace.
The right to participate ensures workers are involved in health and safety discussions, including participation in health and safety committees.

Employers have a responsibility to become familiar with the changes and how these changes will impact their health and safety management programs as the new legislation is scheduled to be in force starting June 2018.

AHSA is currently working on updating our training materials to ensure that all the information we are providing the membership is current and relevant to the upcoming legislative changes.

If you have any questions on how these changes might impact your health and safety management program, please feel free to contact AHSA at or you can visit


Planning has started for the

Alberta Hospitality Safety Association One Day Conference 


This year’s event will be held in Calgary, Alberta on Thursday October 18, 2018.


Stay tuned for all the details!


If you have any ideas that you would like see at the conference or would like sponsor a session, please let us know by sending us an email @






Workers Compensation Board Online Policy Consultation


The Workers Compensation Board is currently conducting an online consultation on the changes to their policies that will align with BILL 30; An Act to Protect the Health and Well Being of Working Albertans.  


AHSA is encouraging the membership to participate in the online policy consultation.

By participating , you will be given an opportunity to understand and become familiar with changes that impact the Workers Compensation Board.


The online consultation process is expected to close end of the day on March 06, 2018.


If you haven’t already done so visit to the WCB website to add your feedback. 




2018 Member Visits



The AHSA’s mandate is to support and educate Alberta’s hospitality industry in the development of effective Health and Safety Programs. It is important to us that we are able to connect with our members on an ongoing basis, therefore our very own Erica Blewett, Training Coordinator extraordinaire, is hitting the road in 2018.


Erica will be travelling across the province in the effort to be more engaged with our valued members, to answer questions and provide information about health and safety in the workplace. 


Together we can achieve the AHSA vision to have Alberta’s hospitality industry as a leader in workplace health and safety.  


If you have any questions about our member visits, resources or training schedule or simply want to ensure that Erica visits your property, please do not hesitate to send as us an email at


Remember- ALL Hotels, Motels and Convention Centers are members of the Alberta Hospitality Safety Association. 

Visit our website to see what being a member offers.


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