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 2019 AHSA Training Schedule and Registration 



Our new and updated 2019 seminars are now open for registration.


Visit our website at to download a PDF of upcoming training dates, Auditor prerequisites and Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate requirements.






Health & Safety Committees and Representatives - Comprehensive Training is almost here. 

This comprehensive training is a mandatory requirement for all Employers in Alberta, including those who operate in the Hospitality industry. As your Health and Safety Training provider, AHSA is working with the Alberta Labour to become an Approved training agency to deliver Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representative training to our members. 


If you are an employer in Alberta, the following information applies; 


  • larger employers (20 or more workers at a work site) must have a joint work site health and safety committee
  • smaller employers (5-19 workers at a work site) must have a health and safety representative
  • employers can use an alternate approach to meeting these requirements with approval from an OHS director

Every employer first must complete the 2 hour online introductory committee/ representative training prior to registering for the comprehensive training. The introductory course is available at FREE of charge.


We appreciate your patience as we wait for all of the relevant approvals. Once the approvals have been received, we will be immediately opening registration and offering the course at a special rate for 2019. 



2019 WCB Information


 WCB Deadline Approaches!

If you’re an employer with workers, you’re required to fill out an Annual Return reporting your workers’ insurable earnings paid in the last year along with the earnings you expect to pay in the upcoming year.  The deadline to file your WCB-Alberta Annual Return is Feb. 28, 2019!  


Filing the return out online is quick and easy, and built-in calculations, error checking, and simple navigation makes the process easier than ever. All you need is the account number and password, which will be mailed out to you the beginning of January.  You can view a demo on how to fill out your Annual Return by going to  Still have questions? Contact the WCB toll free at 1-866-922-9221, 780-498-3999 in Edmonton or 403-517-6000 in Calgary.



2019 WCB Premium Rates are set 

The overall average premium rate went up from $1.04 (2018) to $1.08 (2019)

Hotels premium rate went up from 0.85 (2018) to $.88 (2019)


For more information, visit the WCB Website.


 Workplace Safety Matters and

AHSA is here to help. 



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