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Health and Safety Leadership Course 


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There are still seats available for the Health and Safety Leadership Course scheduled in Calgary on June 26, 2018.


This seminar will provide you with the high level knowledge on how to build your health and safety management program exclusively offered to the Hospitality Industry. 


While this is a mandatory course for Senior Managers and Managers as part of achieving LEVEL 1 of the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate program, 

the Health and Safety Leadership course is open to everyone who has a desire and interest in increasing their knowledge

about workplace health and safety and the legislative requirements. 


For more information on the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate Program or on how to register for the upcoming  Health and Safety Leadership course,

please visit the AHSA website @ AHSA TRAINING


PLEASE NOTE: AHSA is in the process of updating all of the training and courses available to include the new legislative requirements as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Health and Safety Leadership course now being offered has been revised and includes the new legislative requirements. 


 Planning for the 2018 AHSA Conference has begun. 


Hosted by AHSA, this year’s conference will be held at the Glenmore Inn and Conference Center located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta on OCTOBER 18, 2018.


This year’s conference will  provide a valuable chance for all workers to learn how to build on their important role of upholding the culture and practices of health and safety in the hospitality industry and will feature informative business sessions and opportunities for skill development and networking. 


The theme for the event will be "Embracing a Safety Culture" and we already have a fantastic keynote speaker booked for the lunch time address. 


Stay tuned for more information, including how to register for this exciting one day event will be available soon! 





 An Introductory Online Health and Safety Committee and Representatives course

is now available


This is an introductory course that is available and being offered by Alberta Labor until the COMPREHENSIVE MANDATORY training is implemented.  It will provide you information on how to meet the Joint Health  and Safety Committee legislative requirement. BE ADVISED: That once the mandatory training has been developed and assigned to the delegated organizations approved to deliver the training, you will be still required to take the mandatory training in order to be compliant. 


The course is available for free and will help  committee co-chairs and representatives learn about their roles and responsibilities.


Participants will receive a two hour credit. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion. Click on the link below to register.


Please choose Business and Professional Services as the industry when registering. 


Please visit the AHSA website for updates on when and where the MANDATORY training will be available.



Health and safety TIP

Did you know that over 50 % of injuries in the accommodation industry involve room attendants and housekeeping staff?


Developing safe work procedures for all positions is an important aspect in ensuring that your workers are completing their job duties in a safe manner. 


Worksafe BC has developed an excellent video series that demonstrates safe work procedures and provides instructions to prevent injuries for room attendants. These videos can be an excellent resource for training to ensure room attendants are using safe methods to making beds, cleaning bathrooms, wringing cloths, dusting high surfaces, emptying trash cans, and vacuuming. 


Click on the link below to access the information for FREE. 


Safe Work Procedures for Room Attendants


If you have any questions about building or enhancing your health and safety management program, including how to complete hazard assessment in order to develop safe job procedures,

please visit or send an email to and we would be happy to answer all your questions. 



Health and Safety in the Workplace Matters


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