Safety SnapShots for May 2016

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New Faces on AHSA Board of Directors

Our Annual General Meeting on April 17 ushered in two new Board members, and some familiar faces in new roles.  We want to welcome back Perry Wilford, Sherry Scott, David Kaiser, Pedro Guzman, and Leanne Shaw, and offer a hearty "welcome aboard" to Chris Parry and Julia Horn!  We very much appreciate Perry Wilford’s taking on the duties of Board Chair for the year, and Sherry Scott’s acceptance of the Vice-Chair position.  With all of this talent at the table, 2016 is bound to be a great year!

AHSA COR Holder Rebate over $500,000

AHSA members who achieved or maintained a Certificate of Recognition in 2015 are enjoying their share of $519,589.00 in PIR rebates from the WCB!  Individual employer rebate amounts of 5% to 20% are given to employers who hold an active COR in good standing. Refund amounts are based on the percent improvement in the employer’s own claims cost performance, and how their performance compares to industry average.  For more information click here, or email us at

Changes in the wind as we prepare for the new Audit 

Beginning this June, Auditor Candidates will be trained to use the AHSA’s new audit document!  Currently certified auditors will be introduced to the new protocol and the revised standards at Auditor Refresher sessions. Employers are encouraged to test out the new audit over the 2016-2018 maintenance years. This will ensure they are prepared to use it for COR Certification beginning January 1, 2019. Have questions about the new standard?  Contact us at!

Dynamic Communications Training Pilot - May 30

The AHSA is excited to be partnering with Tip of Spear to provide AHSA members with a half-day training session designed to address workplace violence prevention in the hospitality workplace. Violence at work is becoming more and more commonplace in our industry, and is a serious issue that threatens the safety and security of your staff and guests. On May 30, participants will learn to recognize stress and how it affects us, identify threat indicators in others by what they say and do, develop skills in recognizing what the true issue is, learn methods of diffusing situations through the use of words and tone of voice, and be taught what actions to take to prevent physical harm. For more information, and to register for the May 30 session click here.

NAOSH Week May 1 - 7

There is still time to participate in North America’s week-long promotion of worker safety!  Not sure what you can do?  Check out our blogNAOSH Week is here!  What do I do now?

Congratulations to the first recipients of the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate

AHSA’s Executive Director, Lena Cimmarrusti, and outgoing AHSA Board Chair, Tina Tobin, presented the first ever Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificates at the Sunshine Breakfast.  The Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate Program is designed to lead employers through the process of developing and implementing a health and safety management system, and empower them to create a system and a corporate safety culture that will improve the way they do business.   We are proud to acknowledge recipient leadership and commitment to building and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, staying in compliance with legislated requirements, and "doing the right thing" for the protection of their colleagues and staff members.
For the complete list of Hospitality Safety Leadership Certified properties, click here.  For more pictures of certificate recipients, go to the AHSA Facebook page!

AHSA is Delegate’s Choice!

The Alberta Hospitality Safety Association was honored to be selected as the Delegate’s Choice at the AHLA Convention’s annual Trade Show! Thank so much to everyone who voted for us!

Spring Training

Our series of Webinars-on-Demand continues to expand!  This month we have released WCB 101, a 26-minute introduction to your legal obligations under the Workers’ Compensation Act, info on when and what to report,  and some insights into how claims decisions are made. Account Manager Deborah Nilsen has all the answers!  Just point and click to get started! 
Erica also has a number of classroom training sessions scheduled for May and June!  For a list of upcoming options, click here.  

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