Safety SnapShots for September 2016

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Banff Centre hosts Last Auditor Refresher of 2016

The AHSA’s new audit document and revised standards will establish a number of changes to the audit processes we have been using.  Auditor Refresher sessions this year introduce all currently certified auditors to the AHSA’s new protocol and revised audit standards, as well as give auditors access to a new Auditors-Only Facebook page we will be using to provide a forum for information and discussion.  To register for the last 2 sessions of the year (September 8 in Edmonton and September 21 in Banff), click here.



Image result for cars traveling clipart  AHSA takes Training on the road

Exciting news!  The Alberta Hospitality Safety Association is coming to Whitecourt on October 6, 2016  to provide our members in the region with an opportunity to attend  our most popular seminar: Health & Safety Leadership for ManagersThis one-day seminar is a requirement for all levels of the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate, (which incidentally has been integrated into the criteria for the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association’s Employer of Choice Award). Click here to register.


Hospitality Safety lEADERSHIP FOR mANAGERS IS ALSO scheduled for the fall in both edmonton and calgary, ALONG WITH THE FOLLOWING SESSIONS:
  • Incident Investigation
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Alberta OH&S Legislation Awareness 
A complete fall training schedule is available from the AHSA website.

OHS Self-Check

The AHSA now has two different health & safety self-audit tools available FREE of charge to association members:  
  • a re-formatted and re-launched Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Self-Audit is designed to help employers identify their legislated requirements under the OHS Act, Regulations and Code, and 
  • Health & Safety Program (System) Self-Audit is available to identify gaps in your health and safety management system.  
We encourage employers to use these handy online tools as a way to proactively identify health and safety deficiencies before they cause an incident in the workplace.  Both self-audit tools are available by logging on to the AHSA web site and selecting "My Self Audits" from the Navigation menu on the left side of the screen.



The importance of effective supervision is often overlooked by employers, despite the fact that individuals with supervisory responsibilities in the workplace are considered to be employer representatives, and are therefore accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision. To help identify the role of supervisors, the qualities to look for, and resources needed to support supervisor success, the AHSA is now offering members a free, online e-learning session on Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities.  


The session is the first to be offered in both English and Spanish, and you can register for both versions from our web site.


Movin’ On up

The AHSA is very pleased to report that fifty-one (51) hotels in Alberta now hold a Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate! The growing number of hotels taking steps to achieve a level of Leadership certification confirms what we have known all along: that this is an industry that cares about people.  


To help our Level 1 Certificate holders continue down the path to a safer and healthier workplace, we have scheduled two more Hazard Identification and Assessment sessions in both Edmonton and Calgary before the end of the year. We encourage Level 1 certificate holders to attend training and begin conducting their hazard assessments as soon as possible so that assessments can be submitted to the AHSA for review in time to apply for Level 2 Certification by March 1. While Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate applications are accepted throughout the year, only employers with a current certification by this date can be recognized at the Sunshine Breakfast next April in Jasper!  


For more information on application and maintenance requirements for the four levels, click here or contact the AHSA at



Legislation addressing the hazards of working alone was conceived in response to public concern for the thousands of Albertans who work by themselves, often in isolated environments or on late night shifts.  Many of these at-risk employees work in the hospitality industry.  The AHSA’s Working Alone webinar-on-demand reviews the recommended best practices from the Working Alone Safety Guide, as they can be applied to hospitality industry workplaces.  Take18 minutes out of your day to access this session from a growing list of webinar-on-demand titles available by clicking here. 




Is there an everyday hero hidden in your organization?           

Who’s your Safety Leader? Safety Mentor? Safety Innovator?  Nominate your Everyday Hero by September 30, 2016, and we will post their tales of valour on the AHSA Facebook page, and recognize their efforts with a $100 Visa gift card.  


OH&S Code Revisions pushed to next year Image result for snails clipart

Work on changes to the Occupational Health & Safety Code continues, and the release of any revisions is now being delayed to 2017. No other details are available at this time, but stay tuned!  The AHSA will keep you posted as soon as we hear more! 


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