AHSA/AHLA Amalgamation

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Recently, members of the Alberta Hospitality Safety Association (AHSA) voted to amalgamate with the AHLA, effective January 1, 2020, subject to:

  • Meeting all requirements identified by WCB and Alberta Labour;
  • AHLA establishing a new membership category for WCB industry code 87503 properties with no additional membership fee, and with voting rights restricted to resolutions regarding health & safety programing; and
  • Restricting all WCB levy funding received to development and delivery of industry health and safety programming.

This amalgamation will benefit hotels around Alberta by:

  • Taking a more integrated approach to safety and HR practices;
  • Better utilizing the knowledge and skills of staff in both organizations;
  • Increasing administrative and operational efficiencies; and
  • Eliminating duplicated costs.

“Although both the AHSA and the AHLA will benefit from this amalgamation, all of our members will also benefit greatly from the more integrated communications and resources,” said Matthew Kindrat, chair of the AHSA board of directors. “We very much look forward to joining together with the AHLA in the new year.”

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