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The new Alberta Hospitality Safety Association Health & Safety Audit document has been approved by Partnerships, and it looks a lot different from the document that has been in use since 1999. Despite the new look, and the fact that we have gone from 5 elements to 8 elements, most of the questions in the new audit are asking for exactly the same processes as the old one did.  Of course, after 20 years, requirements had to evolve a little, and employer will find that their audit scores will likely be impacted as a result of:

  • changes to how some questions are being asked and scored,

  • the removal of questions that have always been outside the audit standard (eg. claims management), and

  • the addition of content addressing increased expectations for Senior Management involvement, supervisor training and responsibilities, and implementation of site-specific hazard assessments

The good news for COR-certified employers is that the AHSA will be providing the resources required to help you and your auditors understand the changes and what you need to do to meet the new standards. The even better news is that you still have 3 years to prepare, as the new audit standard won’t be implemented province-wide until January 2019. In the meantime, you are encouraged to conduct your maintenance audits using the new audit protocol.  Maintenance audits don’t have to meet the minimum scoring standards required for COR certification, and audit results will help identify the gaps that must be addressed in order to successfully achieve COR certification in 2019.

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