Partnerships in Injury Reduction is a voluntary program in which employer and worker representatives work collaboratively with government to build effective health and safety management systems. By improving health and safety, the social and financial costs of workplace injury and illness are reduced.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

The Partnerships in Injury Reduction program awards Certificates of Recognition (COR) to employers that have developed a health and safety management program and met established standards.

Health and safety management program

A health and safety management program is a process put in place by an employer to minimize the risk of injury and illness.

This is made possible by identifying, assessing and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations. The scope and complexity of a health and safety management program will vary according to the type of workplace, and the type of operations carried out.

An effective health and safety management program must have the following 9 components in place:

  • Identification and analysis of health and safety hazards at the work site
  • Control measures to eliminate or reduce the risks to workers from hazards
  • Clearly demonstrated and management commitment, and written company policy
  • Worker competency, orientation and training
  • Inspection program
  • Emergency response planning
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Management system administration
  • Joint work site health and safety committee

WCB Incentives

The Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) works with the Ministry, Certifying Partners and employers to offer WCB premium incentives through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program. Employers who reduce their claim costs below predicted targets and achieve a COR can earn up to 20% off their industry rate.

PIR Partners

A Partner in Injury Reduction is an association, corporation or organization that commits to taking a leadership role in health and safety by entering into a formal agreement with the Alberta government. The government and each Partner sign a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the specific commitments made by each organization.