*** Please note that the Partnerships Audit Standard has been changed and a new AHSA 2016 audit tool has been approved for use. We encourage auditors to begin using the new document to conduct internal maintenance audits right away.  Auditors must be trained to the new standard (through either Auditor Training or Auditor Refresher sessions beginning in June 2016)  before they can use the new tool. ***

New for 2017 - where to find the audit documents

In an effort to make the auditor’s job a little easier, a new process for selecting representative sampling is being introduced for 2017.  Both internal and external auditors should follow the steps below when preparing for their audit.

  1. Once the auditor has established the audit dates with the property being audited, they must email the scheduled dates to
  2. The AHSA will then send the Interview Summary form to the property under audit, and ask the contact person to fill it out and return it to the AHSA. 
  3. Once the AHSA receives the completed form from the property, they will determine representative sampling and forward the Interview Summary and copies of the new audit templates to the auditor.
  4. The auditor will then forward the pre-audit letter, audit schedule, and the completed Interview Summary to both the property’s contact and the General Manager.

Be sure to review the 2017 Auditor E-Blasts for other changes to the audit process.

Internal Audits in 2017

It is highly recommended that auditors begin using the new audit tool in an INTERNAL audit year, as the revised document contains additional criteria that may significantly affect an employer’s audit score and their ability to pass an external, COR-certification audit.  Free training to cover the new criteria is available online: 

All audits conducted after January 1, 2019 must be conducted using the new audit tool.  Any questions regarding this change should be directed to the AHSA at .

External Audits in 2017

Those auditors conducting EXTERNAL Health & Safety Audits in 2017 will use the current audit protocol, or (if they have been trained to the 2016 audit) they can ask the employer if they would like to use the "interim" audit protocol (the new audit minus the content from the new standard). 

External auditors should contact when they are ready to begin audit pre-planning. Tell us your proposed audit dates, and the AHSA will send the interview summary template to the property being audited.  Once the AHSA receives the completed employer staffing numbers from the property, we will develop an approved sampling plan and forward it to the lead auditor.

DO NOT USE audit templates from previous years.  If you have any questions about this change in process, contact or call 780-702-3059 x253.