Young people can make exceptional employees!  They are eager to prove themselves and have not developed bad habits learned in other workplaces.  This eagerness and inexperience, however, requires employers to be extra diligent about providing training and supervision to help them avoid workplace incidents.  They may need extra attention to stay safe on the job.  Alberta Labour reports that the likelihood of a young, inexperienced worker being injured on the job is actually three times more likely than for one with at least a year or more of experience. In fact, workers under the age of 25 are in general more likely to be injured on the job than are older workers.

The AHSA is joining the Service & Hospitality Safety Association in Saskatchewan to recognize Youth Safety Education Day here in Alberta on September 10!  The hospitality industry employs more than its share of young workers, and we invite you to help promote young worker safety in the workplace by participating.

What can you do to participate?

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