Course Details

This 3-day seminar/workshop is designed to provide auditor candidates with the skills necessary to conduct an AHLA health & safety audit approved by Partnerships in Injury Reduction. 

In order to achieve Auditor Certification, candidates who complete this seminar and achieve at least 80% on the exam must complete a successful qualification audit within four (4) months of the training date.

Auditor Certification will entitle the candidate to conduct internal health & safety audits for Certificate of Recognition (COR) maintenance, and may make them eligible to conduct external certification audits through the AHLA’s Peer Audit process.

Duration: 3 days

Pre-requisites (must be completed within 12 months prior to Auditor Training):

To be successful, Auditor candidates must have strong written and verbal communication skills, be proficient with a computer, and have experience using Excel, Word and email attachments.

Certificate of Completion: A certificate of course completion will be available for download.

Ticket Pricing 
There are currently no downloads/materials available for this course.