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NEW! This training will be offered via webinar classroom in accordance with COVID-19 Public Health Orders.

Health & Safety Committee Co-Chairs or Representatives shall be permitted to take the greater of 16 hours, or the number of hours they would normally work during two shifts, to attend work site health and training programs, seminars or courses of instruction.

This one-day course will explain the legislative requirements to determine if HSC co-chairs and/or HS representatives are required. It will:

  • Outline what to include in the terms of reference
  • Summarize and describe the duties, roles and responsibilities of a H&S committee and/or H&S representative including explainingtheHSC/HS Representative’s role in:
    • hazard identification and control
    • workplace inspections
    • incident investigations
    • workplace violence and harassment

Who should take this course?

MANDATORY for Health & Safety Committee Co-Chairs and/or Health & Safety Representatives.

  • As part of the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate program, H&S Committee Co-Chairs/H&S Representatives are required to participate and successfully complete the course in order to meet the program requirements for Level 1.

For: Anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of workplace health and safety.

Duration: 6 hours in class (via webinar video conferencing).

Course Prerequisite: None

Please note: It is expected that all students will actively participate to ensure that an understanding and learning objectives for the course are achieved. Minimum passing grade is 80%.

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