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Hospitality is a "people" business, and the main task for most industry employees is to deal with people.  While for the most part, guests, customers and visitors will heed our well meaning advice to "have a nice day," some people bring negative, hostile, and even violent behavior into our workplaces. Though we may have little control over whatever it is that is motivating an aggressive reaction from an individual, we still have to deal with it.  This e-learning session will help the learner understand:  

  • why some people resort to violence
  • the clues that a person may become violent
  • the basics for protecting yourself, and
  • what to do if you are assaulted

This training was made possible thanks to the Alberta OHS Innovation & Engagement Grant, and is free for AHLA safety subscribers and associate members.  It is recommended for all levels of staff.

Prerequisites:  None

Certificate of Completion: will be available once the session is successfully completed

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Dealing with a Violent Aggressor in the Workplace - E-Learning

Open Book: No
Time Limit: Unlimited
Attempts: 3 attempts
Passing Grade: 85%

Example Modules

  • Introduction
  • People who resort to violence: who are they?
  • Violence
  • Signs that someone may become violent
  • and more...