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NEW Loss Prevention and Risk Management Training: It’s Good Business Video Series

Course Overview:

Property and liability insurance continues to be a substantial cost for hotels throughout Canada. After hearing the concerns of our members, the AHLA consulted with insurance experts to find a solution that could help mitigate rising insurance premiums.

Loss prevention training and education for hotel managers is critical to reducing the number and cost of claims, thereby potentially reducing the premiums for property and liability insurance. By implementing these best practices and prioritizing health and safety, hotels can also improve staff engagement and guest satisfaction. The following course is a series of loss prevention and risk management videos and training resources designed specifically for hotels.

What topics does the video training series cover?

  • Module 1: Importance of loss prevention
  • Module 2: Emergency response planning
  • Module 3: Cyber security
  • Module 4: Fire damage prevention
  • Module 5: Water damage prevention
  • Module 6: Property security to protect guests, staff, and your hotel
  • Module 7: Liquor and cannabis liability prevention
  • Module 8: Reporting incidents

How can I use these videos at my hotel?

  • Improve your own understanding of loss prevention
  • Gain staff buy-in through mandatory training
  • Provide a new topic for your joint health and safety committee

Course Cost:

  • Safety Subscribers / Member’s - Limited time offer $0.00
  • Non-members - Limited time offer $0.00

Course length

  • Approximately 1 hour

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Loss Prevention and Risk Management Training

Open Book: No
Time Limit: Unlimited
Attempts: 3 attempts
Passing Grade: 80%

Example Modules

  • Module 1: Importance of Loss Prevention
  • Module 2: Emergency Response Planning
  • Module 3: Cyber Security
  • Module 4: Fire Prevention
  • and more...