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The best way to ensure the health and safety of workers, contractors, and visitors is to develop and maintain an effective health and safety management system.  Once your system is built and implemented, its performance must be regularly reviewed.

This short e-learning session will review the administrative measures that are necessary to ensure that your health and safety program remains current, well-coordinated and effective.  We will be discussing the importance of:

  • Keeping health and safety records and reviewing statistics for trends
  • Regularly measuring the system’s effectiveness
  • Conducting management reviews of the program
  • Implementing continual improvements to the program

This course is a requirement for Level 4 of the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate.

Prerequisites: None

Certificate of Completion:  a certificate of completion will be available for download.


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OHS Management System Review and Maintenance - E-Learning

Open Book: No
Time Limit: Unlimited
Attempts: 5 attempts
Passing Grade: 0%

Example Modules

  • Introduction
  • Record Keeping
  • Monitoring Program Effectiveness
  • Regular Health & Safety Audits
  • and more...