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There are two different types of hazard assessment:  Formal Hazard Assessment and Site-Specific Hazard Assessment (also known as "Field-Level Hazard Assessment").  

  • Formal Hazard Assessments systematically call for the identification of hazards for all jobs/tasks conducted in the workplace.  
  • Site-Specific Hazard Assessments are done only when something changes, to check for unexpected hazards in a new environment, or when something new has been introduced into your usual work environment.

This short online session is designed to accompany the classroom course on Hazard Identification & Assessment, and assumes learners have an understanding of Formal Hazard Assessment.  It reviews the steps in the Site-Specific Hazard Assessment process, and the conditions under which this process is to be used.

This online session is free to AHSA members and associate members.  It is recommended that all Certificate of Recognition holders take advantage of this online session, as site-specific hazard assessments have been added to the Partnerships’ revised Audit Standard to be fully implemented by January 1, 2019.

Prerequisites: None

Certificate of Completion:  a certificate of completion will be available for download.

Z2015 Site-Specific Hazard Assessment

Open Book: No
Time Limit: Unlimited
Attempts: 10 attempts
Passing Grade: 80%

Example Modules

  • Introduction
  • Why Conduct a Site-Specific Hazard Assessment?
  • When to conduct a Site-Specific Hazard Assessment
  • Who should participate
  • and more...